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Kronkron store was opened in the year 2004. The store was located on the main shopping street in Reykjavik, Laugavegur.
We started out with a few up and coming designers like; KTZ, Marjan Pejoski, and the Danish brand Wood Wood. We quickly grew and took aboard more labels such as Eley Kishimoto, Roksanda Illincic and Henrik Vibskov. Our little, beutiful shop became too small for us and in March 2006 we moved to a much larger space on Laugavegur 63, close to our old spot.
The new space gave us new ideas and further more, we could add more labels. Today we also carry established labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Sonia Rykiel, Marc Jacobs and Bernhard Wilhelm.
We have always aimed at a wide range of customers, of all ages and both men and women. Our wish is to be fresh, fun but at the same time we take our work seriously. The store is a fun mixture of colours and styles, like visiting a sweets factory filled with goodies.

Laugavegi 63B
Reykjavik 101 Island
simi +354 562 8388
fax +354 561 9388

Monday to Thursday 10h-18h
Friday 10h-18h30
Saturday 10-17h

Bernhard Wilhelm
Bibi Ghost
B shoes and clothes
Cheap Monday
Eley Kishimoto
Fred Perry
Final Home
Gaspard Yurkievich
Henrik Vibskov
Hildur Yeoman
Jens Laugesen
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marjan Pejoski
Nike Limited
Opening Ceremony
Ostwald Helgason
Peter Jensen
Roksanda Ilincic
Rykiel Homme
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Sonia Rykiel
Tatty Divine
Tsumori Chisato
Uslu Airlines
Vivienne Westwood
Wood Wood
Yas Bukey
Zarah Voigt

Terms & Conditions

Company name: Kronkron
Legal name: Kron ehf.
CVR no.: 670898-3349
Year founded: 1998
Address: Laugavegur 48
101 Reykjavik,
Tel.: +354 562 8388
Official e-mail address: kron@kron.is
Official web-site: www.kronkron.com

The terms and conditions below regulate the use of the Kronkron Store localized on web address http://kronkron.com . The terms and conditions below also regulate the sales carried out on the Kronkron Store localized on web address http://kronkron.com.

The personal information you forward to Kronkron Store will only be used in order to fulfill the undertakings Kronkron Store have and to assure you the best service. A statistical log system is used at www.kronkron.com, gathering information to help create a statistical picture of the no. of visitors and hits to the web-site. The log system is used as a means of optimising the web-site for user friendliness and functionality.

In order for you, as a customer, to make a purchase of goods at www.kronkron.com you must register the following information:
- Name
- Address
- Tel. No.
- E-mail address

These information are registered and kept with kron ehf. for 5 years before being deleted.
The information is being kept for the purpose of delivery of goods to the right address. When gathering these information via our web-site, we do so only at your consent. All employees of Kron ehf. have access to these information.

The details are passed on to the delivery/shipping company in order for the delivery to be executed. No sensitive information are passed on. As a registrant with Kron ehf. you have a legal right to know what information are stored, according to 'Persondataloven'. Any enquiries regarding this should be addressed to Kron ehf. via e-mail on kron@kron.is

If you wish to end your subscription of information from Kronkron Store, please send an email to webstore@kronkron.com

Cookies are used by the Kronkron Store in order to improve your experience when browsing and using the website. The cookie identifies your computer and allows the site to remember your personal settings. Kronkron Store will not operate properly when cookies are disabled in your web browser.

Kronkron's ambition is for the website to always be up and running, however Kronkron Store cannot guarantee this.

Kronkron Store cannot guarantee that all the products shown are available at the time you place your order. In the event the product you order is no longer available you will be contacted by e-mail shortly after placing your order.

Due to the color settings of your computer, the colors of the products shown in the pictures in the Kronkron Store can differ from their actual colors. Kronkron Store cannot be held responsible for any such discrepancy.

All prices at the english version of Kronkron Store are stated in EUR. The price of each product is stated excluding shipping costs and excluding of the Icelandic rate of VAT (25.5%). The VAT is not charged on goods ordered outside of Iceland. Goods ordered inside and outside the EU may incur import taxes by Customs and Excise in the respective countries.
The icelandic version of Kronkron Store is in ISK and do include VAT of 25.5%.

Price changes
Kronkron Store reserves the right to change prices of the products sold. The prices of the products will, during the time of placing an order, be valid throughout that specific process.

Kronkron Store accepts payment by VISA, Mastercard and Amex. The full payment is charged when the package is dispatched.

Shipping charges
Shipping prices (the appropriate price will be selected based on your country selection):
Iceland: 1000 Kr
Europe: 20 EUR
Other countries: 30 EUR

Order confirmation
You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail shortly after placing your order.

Shipping confirmation
Your order will be dispatched within 4 days from the time you placed your order. As soon as your order is dispatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail. For buyers outside Iceland the shipping confirmation will include carrier and tracking number information. For buyers in Iceland the shipping information will include carrier information.

Shipping and collecting packages within Iceland.
Orders within Iceland will be shipped with Icelandic national post (Pósturinn). Depending on the size of the package you will receive it to your mailbox or you will be asked to pick it up at your local post office.

Shipping and collecting international packages
International orders will be shipped with Pósturinn. With the help of your tracking number information you can track your package at thepósturinn website (www.postur.is). The package will be delivered to the address you have stated as your delivery address. During the registration of your Kronkron Store account you will be required to register your personal address information. Please note that we cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.

Delivery time
Kron ehf. aims to dispatch goods as quickly as possible and customers should expect to receive their goods within two weeks (14 days) of receiving an order confirmation.
Icelandic orders will be delivered within 1-3 days from the day you received the shipping confirmation.
International orders will be delivered within 2-4 days from day you received the shipping confirmation.

Kronkron Store cannot be held responsible for any currency changes or currency exchange rates any bank may have when exchanging the EUR into any other currency.

Exchanges, returns and refunds
The customer reserves the right to return the goods within two weeks (14 days) of receiving the goods on condition of the following: The goods are returned in the same condition and quantity as when received. The goods are unused other than for the pupose of trying on for fit. If there is evidence to suggest that the goods have been used to a degree such as to decrease the value of the product, the customer loses his/her right to exercise a return. For some goods, the original packaging may constitute part of the value of the good, such as a shoe box for a pair of shoes and hence the same rules apply to this.
Returned goods are checked and if the above conditions are fulfilled, the amount is deposited back into the customer's account. Please note that cancelation of payment will only be for purchased item, not the transport.

When exercising your right to return an item, the shipment is paid by the customer. When returning an item, please enclose your receipt with your name, address and account no. Kronkron Store will not compensate for returned packages lost in the return shipping. Refunds for returned products will be made as soon as possible, 30 business days at the latest, after Kronkron Store receives the returned products.

Exchanges and sale
During sale or promotional offers the policy explained above will apply, except that Kronkron Store will not accept exchanges.

Contact information to customer service
If you have any questions please contact the customer service at kron@kron.is

Latest update

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